Ok, it took a while but it’s finally done (in time for the boy’s birthday!): my Map of Love and Birthdays. This year, a few days ago in fact, I turned 25. It seemed like a big deal – better than 16 or 21 which, though sparks flew on 21, were not the same kind of landmarks as 25 in my mind. This year also happens to be my four year anniversary with my darling. In light of this (and the fact that his birthday is a few days after mine which is a few days after Valentine’s Day and before our anniversary) I decided to illustrate our love story – which had many twists and geographical coincidences – by using my birthdays as chronological signposts.

the map

the Map of Love and Birthdays

I wanted something that was both whimsical and a little classic – my boy likes old books, antique maps, Shakespeare and dusty bookstores so I thought that I would give the map a little of everything. Of course I couldn’t help but throw my own style into the mix, and of course colors. I have been really enjoying orange lately – dusty, copper and ochre-y orange. Especially mixed with blues and browns.

By default (there was so much to fit in!) the text took on a turn-of-the-century esthetic: tight leading, the scrawling and beautiful “affair” typeface and the tiny font size.

This project was a fun digression, something of a challenge. And the best part: he liked it a lot.