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My gocco supplies arrived from Japan! If you haven’t heard of gocco (I certainly hadn’t until fairly recently) think of something like a miniature screen-printer. Check out My Ugly Kitty’s website for a detailed explanation of gocco as well as step-by-step instructions. While you’re visiting, peruse this designer’s gorgeous products…

I’m so excited – I bought a gocco machine about a month ago and have been shopping for the supplies ever since. The difficulty with gocco is that the supplies just aren’t readily available, thus my ordering from Japan. I found this supplier on Etsy, who amazingly charges very little for shipping.

Soon there will be gocco wedding maps…I’ll keep you updated!


Another stunning stretch of land for a wedding – Centennial, Wyoming. Since the hotel was so far from the reception and ceremony sites we went for a little bit of an elevated map and a little bit of a flat one…

Mackinac Island, which is located in Lake Huron,  is beautiful, tiny, and dotted with inns and restaurants – perfect for mapping. Not only does the island have live cams of downtown but there are a million pictures of it floating around which made my research super easy. I even watched Somewhere in Time (filmed on Mackinac Island) for inspiration… and because I hadn’t seen it in years so it was a great excuse.

The soon-to-be’s (who happened to have won this map during my spring special!) wanted some of the charming, old-timey elements of the island highlighted: horse and carriages, bicycling around the island and a lighthouse. They also decided that, since everything is within walking distance, addresses didn’t  necessarily need to be included. Guests would be arriving by ferry however so rather than a floating map of the state they wanted to show the ferry lines from mainland Michigan. This map was a lot of fun for me and of course I now have yet another place I want to visit.

A few months ago Vanity Fair ran a list of online resources to know about and one of them was Cocodot – beautiful and customizable e-cards.  This is a wonderful resource for tea parties, birthdays, soirées and even a Save the Date! I want to have a dinner party just so I can use one of these…

This elevated map made me want to visit Jackson – the rubber duck represents the rubber duck race the town holds once a year! Jackson seems like an ideal wedding location: ridiculously quaint, beautiful inns and restaurants abound, not to mention a gorgeous stretch of country.

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