This project began as a map and morphed into an entire suite. The bride and groom are friends of mine  – the groom is my childhood best friend’s older brother – so when I heard that he was getting married I excitedly asked if he and his fiancé needed a wedding map. The two are to be married in Oregon, at the Buckhorn Springs retreat center. A beautiful and secluded resort/retreat center, Buckhorn is tucked into the hills not far from Ashland, Oregon.

After the map was finished the couple contacted me again to find out if I would be able to do a few illustrations for the rest of the suite that they were designing themselves. I agreed, and one thing leading to another, I was helping design their suite! It was very much a collaboration: the couple had an idea of the fonts they wanted, the pieces that they needed and the colors as well as the general styling. Together we came up with these three pieces.