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This wedding map was completed quite a while ago, though I hadn’t posted it because it was going to be letterpressed by a wonderful invitation designer, Card Girl. I was just getting ready to blog this map after I received a few of the pressed maps from Card Girl when I got an email from the bride including photos of the wedding! I was so excited I immediately asked if I could share some of the beautiful photos on my blog and the bride happily agreed.

This map was something of a collaboration between myself and Card Girl who inserted the beautiful calligraphy and text.



Some of you might have noticed that my email responses have been a little slow this past month. The reason is that my home and office have been packed into a car as we have moved camp across the country from California to New York! Never having made the great road trip before I was doubly excited. The road trip was full of amazingly beautiful scenery – billowing clouds over green plains and corn for days. I even passed through a few towns that I had mapped but never seen! (Rawlins, Wyoming and Portage, Indiana to name a couple). We stopped to take in the wonderful sculpture garden in Des Moines, Iowa, had a deep dish pie in Chicago, Illinois and took in a sunset in Erie, Pennsylvania. To pass the time I illustrated things that we saw, marked times of arrival and departure as well as the weather on a U.S. map we had picked up before we left.

Now we are only days away from setting up shop in our new space in New York City!

Florida! This was my first Florida map and I was looking forward to it. The bride knew what she wanted: a flat map with whimsical icons including a 1950’s convertible with a couple cruising down from mainland Florida to the keys. The bride also wanted a black and white version as well as one in color – and the colors – guava, lime, lemon. For the border,  seashells and a lime to match the wedding theme.

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