Some of you might have noticed that my email responses have been a little slow this past month. The reason is that my home and office have been packed into a car as we have moved camp across the country from California to New York! Never having made the great road trip before I was doubly excited. The road trip was full of amazingly beautiful scenery – billowing clouds over green plains and corn for days. I even passed through a few towns that I had mapped but never seen! (Rawlins, Wyoming and Portage, Indiana to name a couple). We stopped to take in the wonderful sculpture garden in Des Moines, Iowa, had a deep dish pie in Chicago, Illinois and took in a sunset in Erie, Pennsylvania. To pass the time I illustrated things that we saw, marked times of arrival and departure as well as the weather on a U.S. map we had picked up before we left.

Now we are only days away from setting up shop in our new space in New York City!