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After a few weeks and plenty of packing, organizing and more unpacking, my office has now (officially) relocated to New York, New York. The boy and I have spent the past few months furiously reordering our lives in order to move everything we owned (minus a lot of excess we offloaded at garage sales) across the country from California to New York. Not only did we relocate but we drove the length of the country while we were at it.

The boy and I were very happy to finally land in New York as well as set up shop in our new digs. Me desk now looks out at a giant red oak (I can’t wait to see it this fall!), in a cute little neighborhood of Brooklyn. Brooklyn has swept me off my feet while indulging all my New York daydreams: bakeries on the corner, people outside all the time, pizza slices and bagel stores, brownstones and all. I’m very inspired.

More exciting news: in just a few days I will have a new website to go with the new office (!)


Even though I have been working out of the San Francisco Bay Area I had yet to do a wedding map of San Francisco, so you can imagine my excitement when I was finally given the opportunity!  The bride let me know that the wedding would be taking place near Golden Gate Park and the focus of the map was to be the immediate area. It was an interesting task to pick out a corner of a city that I am extremely familiar with and not overdo it. I found myself wanting to add all kinds of details that I thought were pertinent to the great city, but in the end, there just wasn’t room. The theme of the wedding however helped me focus my creative yens – classic, turn of the century or roaring twenties, San Francisco. The couple was looking to match a wedding suite they had ordered from Hello Lucky. They wanted sepia tones for the illustrations, a diver for the historic Sutro Baths, a bison for the bison paddock in Golden Gate Park and an umbrella with a beach ball for the beach. Perhaps fittingly, this San Francisco map was the last map I printed in my Bay Area office before relocating to New York City!

San Juan, Puerto Rico. I have never been, but after illustrating this map I knew that I wanted to go – what a beautiful place! The bride and groom sent me a bundle of images and instructions for this map (so helpful) to give me an idea of the important landmarks to include. The ceremony and reception will be taking place across town from one another and the wedding party will follow a set caminata, or route, between the Castillo San Cristobal, where the ceremony is to take place, and El Convento, where the reception will be. The couple sent me a link to their fabulous wedding invitations and asked if we could match the color and feel. I always appreciate seeing the rest of the suite even if I’m not matching it because it helps me get a feel for the color and fonts a couple prefers. I loved how specific this couple was, they knew exactly what they wanted; and,  taking a digital walk down the streets of Old San Juan was no chore on my part.

Tina of  Joie Studio posted an amazing offer on her blog recently. She’s offering to credit the cost of one of my maps towards the price of her letterpressing it! So if you’re interested it’s worth checking in with her to see if the offer still stands…

While you’re checking out the blog, look into some of the resources presented by Joie Studio such as the DIY letterpress website as well as the Luxe Letterpress website offering pressed wedding suites, and A Letterpress Wedding blog full of wedding inspirations.

I’m ashamed to say to that this blog post is way way overdo but I still have to take a moment to rave about my (fairly) new business cards that were letterpressed by the Aerialist Press. I had the rare pleasure of watching my cards pressed, what an event! The Aerialist’s studio is a great place to visit (by appointment only) – with a gorgeous wall of their suites and tantalizing samples in drawers – it could be likened to a candy shop 🙂 Check them out…

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