After a few weeks and plenty of packing, organizing and more unpacking, my office has now (officially) relocated to New York, New York. The boy and I have spent the past few months furiously reordering our lives in order to move everything we owned (minus a lot of excess we offloaded at garage sales) across the country from California to New York. Not only did we relocate but we drove the length of the country while we were at it.

The boy and I were very happy to finally land in New York as well as set up shop in our new digs. Me desk now looks out at a giant red oak (I can’t wait to see it this fall!), in a cute little neighborhood of Brooklyn. Brooklyn has swept me off my feet while indulging all my New York daydreams: bakeries on the corner, people outside all the time, pizza slices and bagel stores, brownstones and all. I’m very inspired.

More exciting news: in just a few days I will have a new website to go with the new office (!)