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While we were searching for a new home and office in New York City we stayed with the boy’s uncle in Manhattan. In fact, we had free reign of the house while his uncle was out of town and we were incredibly grateful. As a thank you gift we bought some goodies, flowers for the table and left them a map of their apartment as a thank you note.


One of the first things to grace the doorstep of our new apartment was this amazing housewarming gift from my wonderful mother, Mastering the Art of French Cooking.

I wasn’t expecting it – my mom can be great at keeping a secret when she wants to and she has a knack for picking out presents I never knew I wanted until I get them, and then wonder why I hadn’t wanted them before.

When the package showed up I tore off the paper, with more gusto than I would have had I known the contents, and caught my breath.  Both the boy and I love to cook and I have a weakness for baking. I am an extreme romantic with a deep appreciation of traditions, warm cookies, an overstuffed chair and an epic cookbook… well, I am now a lover of epic cookbooks, I just hadn’t known that yet. I promptly watched the movie Julie & Julia again, anticipating giddily the moment when Meryl Streep would hold up the copy of the cookbook at the very end – it looked just like mine. And now the question is, what to make first? I’ve decided on the “Reine de Saba,” a chocolate almond cake.

Thank you mom

I’ve spent the past several days putting the finishing touches on my new website. More pictures and examples, more information for the curious bride and many many more illustrations. My personal favorite is the Site Map. Just for fun.

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