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Happy Father’s Day! It just so happens that this year the boy’s dad is staying with us. The two of them just got back from a road trip to Washington, D.C. where they were checking out the museums, monuments, and landmarks. I was jealous of course but someone had to hold down the fort (and maybe I had just a little too much work to do…). They brought me back a great souvenir, something to add to my collection of mugs and tea cups. George Washington and I share initials you see.

On the bottom are two old pictures of our dads — Number 1, on the left, is my pop and number 2 is the boy’s. I love the banjo pic (and it has two generations of dads in it!).


Lake George, New York

It’s been a little while since I posted — I got caught up in new maps this season! And what a season it’s turning out to be…

This Lake George map was finished just after I got to New York (seems so long ago already). It’s a complex elevated map that was letterpressed by the Aerialist Press along with the rest of the couple’s suite. To begin this map the wedding planner sent me a few images to give me an idea of styling, and that’s when I first learned about Jacques Liozu from iDIY blog. Check out his maps, they’re amazing and inspired me to include a border similar to a traditional map (with longitude and latitude marked) along with the map scale on the bottom left.

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