It’s a steamy day here in New York City (83 in Central Park…real feel? 96). Riding my bike over the Manhattan Bridge today (running a few errands and getting a steam facial while I was at it) the heat-haze made it look like the fireworks had already been set off.  Nonetheless, it was beautiful in its own city-ness.

Since I’ve heard fireworks every evening for the past week, I’m sure the sidewalks tonight will be chocked full of sparklers, glow-worms, fountains and spinners.  I guess we’ll have to make up for Texas and New Mexico; both too dry and too bedraggled from fires to allow any added sparks to their air this year.

And, this fourth of July makes it one year since we drove out of California. Hard to believe…

Enjoy your barbecues, soda-pops and Yankee Doodle cocktails everyone!

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Just for fun: a few images I found around the ol’ internet closet today.