Genevieve Walker lives in Brooklyn, New York. She works with pen, ink, watercolor, a good printer and coffee with cream. She has had a fair bit of formal training in illustration and graphic design, but mainly she’s just been at it her whole life. Right now Genevieve is working on a Masters degree in journalism – magazine writing – from New York University’s Journalism Institute.  When she’s not writing, she’s illustrating. She draws inspiration from antique maps, Robert Doisneau and Eugène Atget photographs, tea parlors she has passed on her travels, Toot and Puddle books, and the New York Times. She has always been fascinated by Indiana Jones-y, Sherlock-Holmesian adventure stories filled with antiquarian pursuits and calligraphic missives; and, she has spent hours scouring Tin Tin books, marveling at the meticulously articulated terrain. Doing wedding maps lets Genevieve’s imagination run wild with these themes as well as take part in the creation of  a wedding celebration. Get in touch: