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From my window in Brooklyn I can see one tree branch covered in yellow and orange leaves. Can you believe it’s fall? Can you believe it’s still hot out? I’m so ready for winter! Of course I’m sure I’ll be saying just the opposite after a few weeks of snow, but in New York City, pining for the next season is par for the course. It’s like decorating for Halloween; exchanging disavowals of shorts, endorsing closet rummaging and dusting off of snow boots are all part of October’s festivities. But I digress. What I really wanted to say is that here in my little map workshop (picture a table with lots of paper, pens and watercolors spread out all over the place), I have been buried under a mountain of maps. It’s been great. But it also means less time to post.

Above is a map I did over the summer for a lovely couple getting married in Colorado. One of my personal favorite states––the mountains, the sun, the skiing, the sun, the rock-climbing––Colorado has plenty of environmental attributes to work with. Buffalo, for one. This simple flat map with digital color has just a few key icons to make it pop.

Below is a little roundup of some more summer maps including Dallas, Napa and Palo Alto.


Just after I left the state another California map came my way. Mendocino, California with beautiful, rolling hills makes it prime wedding country. This map project came with a great bride to work with too – she wanted minimal text and maximum art space. I had fun stretching the hills to the edges of the paper and tucking the wedding sites into lush corners.


Even though I have been working out of the San Francisco Bay Area I had yet to do a wedding map of San Francisco, so you can imagine my excitement when I was finally given the opportunity!  The bride let me know that the wedding would be taking place near Golden Gate Park and the focus of the map was to be the immediate area. It was an interesting task to pick out a corner of a city that I am extremely familiar with and not overdo it. I found myself wanting to add all kinds of details that I thought were pertinent to the great city, but in the end, there just wasn’t room. The theme of the wedding however helped me focus my creative yens – classic, turn of the century or roaring twenties, San Francisco. The couple was looking to match a wedding suite they had ordered from Hello Lucky. They wanted sepia tones for the illustrations, a diver for the historic Sutro Baths, a bison for the bison paddock in Golden Gate Park and an umbrella with a beach ball for the beach. Perhaps fittingly, this San Francisco map was the last map I printed in my Bay Area office before relocating to New York City!


This past week I visited Flora Grubb in San Francisco after having seen hints of this garden center over and over again. Most recently I saw an engagement shoot at Flora Grubb and was finally convinced that I had to go check it out for myself. Flora Grubb specializes in hanging or vertical gardens like the wall of succulents (set against the red tin fence), or the bicycle covered in air plants. I went just because I was intrigued and came away totally inspired by the color combinations everywhere I looked: bright green with steel grey and orange, cerulean with red and yellow. Shades of vibrant green on a weathered fence… As an added surprise I found that there is a Ritual Coffee bar right in the shop! Not only can you go to peruse the specimen plants and ogle the color combinations but you can drink a wonderful cappuccino while you’re at it.

Flora Grubb Gardens

1634 Jerrold Ave., San Francisco, Ca 94124


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