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If you’re ever in need of a little holiday cheer–even in say, August–head to Santa Fe, New Mexico on Google Street View, where it’s Christmas all year round. It was incredibly fun going for an internet walk around the streets of Santa Fe while illustrating this map – the lights and garlands hanging from the lamp posts and balconies of the downtown area were very charming.

Besides perennial yuletide cheer, Santa Fe is a great city to illustrate. If ever there was an American town with a distinct look, it would be Santa Fe  –  flat roofs and wooden dowels along the  tops of  facades, rough stick fences and Southwestern architectural embellishments.

This bride requested a fully elevated map with the birds she saw on a Mackinac island map. Along with a few added icons to highlight wedding sites, this map was a Complex Elevated map. On the back (notice the “please turn over” at the bottom) is additional information for guests such as room rates and directions. Since this would be an out-of-town wedding, the bride and groom wanted to give their guests plenty of time to decide whether they could make it to Santa Fe, book flights, hotels, etc., so this map is a Save the Date with plenty of planning info.

This map was printed in-house on cream, linen paper and matching envelopes.


I love when a map order comes with a built-in theme like sailing. This Rhode Island bride sent me a rough sketch of what she had in mind which included two nautical flags (see the left corner). Additionally, the reception was going to be held at a yacht club and had its own flag. Add a lighthouse, a sailboat, a bridge – et voilà – we had a maritime map. This map was delivered in both blue and black digital files for a DIY print job.

There’s more to come from this Save the Date, but for now, it’s a secret… 😉



Just after I left the state another California map came my way. Mendocino, California with beautiful, rolling hills makes it prime wedding country. This map project came with a great bride to work with too – she wanted minimal text and maximum art space. I had fun stretching the hills to the edges of the paper and tucking the wedding sites into lush corners.


Oh Grand Cayman, what lovely waters you have! Another amazing destination wedding that made me want to jump on a plane and take a vacation 🙂

This map happens to be a Save the Date. Since the wedding is so far away from the bride and groom’s hometown they wanted to give guests the chance to plan ahead and book their flights, etc. The wedding  won’t take place until May of 2011. Just a little color was added to this map – to match the envelopes the bride picked out.

A few fun extras: the turtle (for a local turtle farm) and a stingray (for Stingray City)

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San Juan, Puerto Rico. I have never been, but after illustrating this map I knew that I wanted to go – what a beautiful place! The bride and groom sent me a bundle of images and instructions for this map (so helpful) to give me an idea of the important landmarks to include. The ceremony and reception will be taking place across town from one another and the wedding party will follow a set caminata, or route, between the Castillo San Cristobal, where the ceremony is to take place, and El Convento, where the reception will be. The couple sent me a link to their fabulous wedding invitations and asked if we could match the color and feel. I always appreciate seeing the rest of the suite even if I’m not matching it because it helps me get a feel for the color and fonts a couple prefers. I loved how specific this couple was, they knew exactly what they wanted; and,  taking a digital walk down the streets of Old San Juan was no chore on my part.

Another Mackinac island wedding! This couple wanted their wedding theme (love birds) incorporated, preferably with their names floating near by, so a simple border, some curly embellishments and voilà. After finishing this map I had the urge to play with some color versions and came up with this second look:

This map set was so much fun to work on. The bride and groom asked if it would be possible to include an invitation to a brunch that will be taking place the day after the wedding and I was very excited for the challenge. Since the brunch menu features a hog roast,  the bride asked for a classic image of, well, a roasted pig with an apple in its mouth. The wedding colors are  yellow and chocolate brown so we incorporated them as well – adding some red for the apples and green for the trees. On the back of the map are the directions to each location. The finished product was printed on a cream linen paper and I was told that the bride’s cat was very pleased by the packaging that these arrived in (packing peanuts and bubble wrap).

This map of Antigo, Wisconsin came with a theme: old hollywood. The couple will be decking out their reception site to surprise and delight guests with their theme and wanted to work it  into their map. Once again, the wedding site and reception were too far from each other to do an entirely elevated map so agreed on a mix of elevated and flat map. On the back of the map are written directions and extra instructions.

Another stunning stretch of land for a wedding – Centennial, Wyoming. Since the hotel was so far from the reception and ceremony sites we went for a little bit of an elevated map and a little bit of a flat one…

Mackinac Island, which is located in Lake Huron,  is beautiful, tiny, and dotted with inns and restaurants – perfect for mapping. Not only does the island have live cams of downtown but there are a million pictures of it floating around which made my research super easy. I even watched Somewhere in Time (filmed on Mackinac Island) for inspiration… and because I hadn’t seen it in years so it was a great excuse.

The soon-to-be’s (who happened to have won this map during my spring special!) wanted some of the charming, old-timey elements of the island highlighted: horse and carriages, bicycling around the island and a lighthouse. They also decided that, since everything is within walking distance, addresses didn’t  necessarily need to be included. Guests would be arriving by ferry however so rather than a floating map of the state they wanted to show the ferry lines from mainland Michigan. This map was a lot of fun for me and of course I now have yet another place I want to visit.

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