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From my window in Brooklyn I can see one tree branch covered in yellow and orange leaves. Can you believe it’s fall? Can you believe it’s still hot out? I’m so ready for winter! Of course I’m sure I’ll be saying just the opposite after a few weeks of snow, but in New York City, pining for the next season is par for the course. It’s like decorating for Halloween; exchanging disavowals of shorts, endorsing closet rummaging and dusting off of snow boots are all part of October’s festivities. But I digress. What I really wanted to say is that here in my little map workshop (picture a table with lots of paper, pens and watercolors spread out all over the place), I have been buried under a mountain of maps. It’s been great. But it also means less time to post.

Above is a map I did over the summer for a lovely couple getting married in Colorado. One of my personal favorite states––the mountains, the sun, the skiing, the sun, the rock-climbing––Colorado has plenty of environmental attributes to work with. Buffalo, for one. This simple flat map with digital color has just a few key icons to make it pop.

Below is a little roundup of some more summer maps including Dallas, Napa and Palo Alto.


Another international map! Fun and a bit tricky – I am not familiar with Glasgow at all –  but I was excited by the prospect of winding through the streets of this city on Google Street view. And believe me, I tested the merit of Street View on this one.

This is a flat map with complex illustrations as well as simple icons representing wedding sites and key city elements. There is a floating map of Scotland in the corner, simple borders with fonts and colors to match the wedding suite. The suite was designed by an Etsy seller with a fabulous and fun style, Diana Weir and Invited Design. Diana printed this map along with the suite.

Even though I have been working out of the San Francisco Bay Area I had yet to do a wedding map of San Francisco, so you can imagine my excitement when I was finally given the opportunity!  The bride let me know that the wedding would be taking place near Golden Gate Park and the focus of the map was to be the immediate area. It was an interesting task to pick out a corner of a city that I am extremely familiar with and not overdo it. I found myself wanting to add all kinds of details that I thought were pertinent to the great city, but in the end, there just wasn’t room. The theme of the wedding however helped me focus my creative yens – classic, turn of the century or roaring twenties, San Francisco. The couple was looking to match a wedding suite they had ordered from Hello Lucky. They wanted sepia tones for the illustrations, a diver for the historic Sutro Baths, a bison for the bison paddock in Golden Gate Park and an umbrella with a beach ball for the beach. Perhaps fittingly, this San Francisco map was the last map I printed in my Bay Area office before relocating to New York City!

This wedding map was completed quite a while ago, though I hadn’t posted it because it was going to be letterpressed by a wonderful invitation designer, Card Girl. I was just getting ready to blog this map after I received a few of the pressed maps from Card Girl when I got an email from the bride including photos of the wedding! I was so excited I immediately asked if I could share some of the beautiful photos on my blog and the bride happily agreed.

This map was something of a collaboration between myself and Card Girl who inserted the beautiful calligraphy and text.


Florida! This was my first Florida map and I was looking forward to it. The bride knew what she wanted: a flat map with whimsical icons including a 1950’s convertible with a couple cruising down from mainland Florida to the keys. The bride also wanted a black and white version as well as one in color – and the colors – guava, lime, lemon. For the border,  seashells and a lime to match the wedding theme.

This map set was so much fun to work on. The bride and groom asked if it would be possible to include an invitation to a brunch that will be taking place the day after the wedding and I was very excited for the challenge. Since the brunch menu features a hog roast,  the bride asked for a classic image of, well, a roasted pig with an apple in its mouth. The wedding colors are  yellow and chocolate brown so we incorporated them as well – adding some red for the apples and green for the trees. On the back of the map are the directions to each location. The finished product was printed on a cream linen paper and I was told that the bride’s cat was very pleased by the packaging that these arrived in (packing peanuts and bubble wrap).

The latest map I finished was a lot of fun – the bride wanted something a little whimsical, a little victorian and colors to match her suite. Instead of coloring the icons I designated one tone for icons and another for the map itself with some added green for the park where the ceremony is to be held at the request of the bride. I illustrated the lace to tie into the whimsy and the victorian style. I love when brides bring a list of color and theme requests – a great creative challenge!

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