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This being our Thanksgiving in New York City we felt compelled to watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Paradeven though we have often watched it in the past, it’s different somehow now that we’re close! While searching for an online stream of the parade (we are a computer-only household), we ran across the Macy’s map and I thought it was too cute not to share – not many holidays come pre-made with a well done map. Have a happy holiday everyone!


Here it is, my official Change of Address card, gocco’d by yours truly. Gocco, the mysterious and wonderful miniature screen-printer, is really as fun as everyones says it is. For more info check out this site, and this one.

On the C.O.A. is an illustration of our last home in California, a floating state CA, an illustration of the new place and a floating NY. In the center, a handwritten message, “we’ve moved,” and the new address. Just for fun I decided to print on a few napkins too. Not wanting to waste a whole screen just for the small design, I left part of the original screen covered up so the ink on the small design wouldn’t be pressed through it. Then, I did the reverse, covering up all but the small design. Make sense? It’s hard to explain unless you’re familiar with Gocco, but believe me, it was super easy and wonderfully satisfying. Well, the one trick was keeping the ink consistent. I was happy with the organic, stamp-like image and I didn’t concern myself too much with consistency and unbroken lines, but kudos to those gocco printers that do whole wedding suites and get solid, unbroken perfection over and over (like this person).

While we were searching for a new home and office in New York City we stayed with the boy’s uncle in Manhattan. In fact, we had free reign of the house while his uncle was out of town and we were incredibly grateful. As a thank you gift we bought some goodies, flowers for the table and left them a map of their apartment as a thank you note.

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