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From my window in Brooklyn I can see one tree branch covered in yellow and orange leaves. Can you believe it’s fall? Can you believe it’s still hot out? I’m so ready for winter! Of course I’m sure I’ll be saying just the opposite after a few weeks of snow, but in New York City, pining for the next season is par for the course. It’s like decorating for Halloween; exchanging disavowals of shorts, endorsing closet rummaging and dusting off of snow boots are all part of October’s festivities. But I digress. What I really wanted to say is that here in my little map workshop (picture a table with lots of paper, pens and watercolors spread out all over the place), I have been buried under a mountain of maps. It’s been great. But it also means less time to post.

Above is a map I did over the summer for a lovely couple getting married in Colorado. One of my personal favorite states––the mountains, the sun, the skiing, the sun, the rock-climbing––Colorado has plenty of environmental attributes to work with. Buffalo, for one. This simple flat map with digital color has just a few key icons to make it pop.

Below is a little roundup of some more summer maps including Dallas, Napa and Palo Alto.


Here it is, my official Change of Address card, gocco’d by yours truly. Gocco, the mysterious and wonderful miniature screen-printer, is really as fun as everyones says it is. For more info check out this site, and this one.

On the C.O.A. is an illustration of our last home in California, a floating state CA, an illustration of the new place and a floating NY. In the center, a handwritten message, “we’ve moved,” and the new address. Just for fun I decided to print on a few napkins too. Not wanting to waste a whole screen just for the small design, I left part of the original screen covered up so the ink on the small design wouldn’t be pressed through it. Then, I did the reverse, covering up all but the small design. Make sense? It’s hard to explain unless you’re familiar with Gocco, but believe me, it was super easy and wonderfully satisfying. Well, the one trick was keeping the ink consistent. I was happy with the organic, stamp-like image and I didn’t concern myself too much with consistency and unbroken lines, but kudos to those gocco printers that do whole wedding suites and get solid, unbroken perfection over and over (like this person).

I’ve spent the past several days putting the finishing touches on my new website. More pictures and examples, more information for the curious bride and many many more illustrations. My personal favorite is the Site Map. Just for fun.

After a few weeks and plenty of packing, organizing and more unpacking, my office has now (officially) relocated to New York, New York. The boy and I have spent the past few months furiously reordering our lives in order to move everything we owned (minus a lot of excess we offloaded at garage sales) across the country from California to New York. Not only did we relocate but we drove the length of the country while we were at it.

The boy and I were very happy to finally land in New York as well as set up shop in our new digs. Me desk now looks out at a giant red oak (I can’t wait to see it this fall!), in a cute little neighborhood of Brooklyn. Brooklyn has swept me off my feet while indulging all my New York daydreams: bakeries on the corner, people outside all the time, pizza slices and bagel stores, brownstones and all. I’m very inspired.

More exciting news: in just a few days I will have a new website to go with the new office (!)

Tina of  Joie Studio posted an amazing offer on her blog recently. She’s offering to credit the cost of one of my maps towards the price of her letterpressing it! So if you’re interested it’s worth checking in with her to see if the offer still stands…

While you’re checking out the blog, look into some of the resources presented by Joie Studio such as the DIY letterpress website as well as the Luxe Letterpress website offering pressed wedding suites, and A Letterpress Wedding blog full of wedding inspirations.

I’m ashamed to say to that this blog post is way way overdo but I still have to take a moment to rave about my (fairly) new business cards that were letterpressed by the Aerialist Press. I had the rare pleasure of watching my cards pressed, what an event! The Aerialist’s studio is a great place to visit (by appointment only) – with a gorgeous wall of their suites and tantalizing samples in drawers – it could be likened to a candy shop 🙂 Check them out…

Some of you might have noticed that my email responses have been a little slow this past month. The reason is that my home and office have been packed into a car as we have moved camp across the country from California to New York! Never having made the great road trip before I was doubly excited. The road trip was full of amazingly beautiful scenery – billowing clouds over green plains and corn for days. I even passed through a few towns that I had mapped but never seen! (Rawlins, Wyoming and Portage, Indiana to name a couple). We stopped to take in the wonderful sculpture garden in Des Moines, Iowa, had a deep dish pie in Chicago, Illinois and took in a sunset in Erie, Pennsylvania. To pass the time I illustrated things that we saw, marked times of arrival and departure as well as the weather on a U.S. map we had picked up before we left.

Now we are only days away from setting up shop in our new space in New York City!

My gocco supplies arrived from Japan! If you haven’t heard of gocco (I certainly hadn’t until fairly recently) think of something like a miniature screen-printer. Check out My Ugly Kitty’s website for a detailed explanation of gocco as well as step-by-step instructions. While you’re visiting, peruse this designer’s gorgeous products…

I’m so excited – I bought a gocco machine about a month ago and have been shopping for the supplies ever since. The difficulty with gocco is that the supplies just aren’t readily available, thus my ordering from Japan. I found this supplier on Etsy, who amazingly charges very little for shipping.

Soon there will be gocco wedding maps…I’ll keep you updated!

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